Why Freaky Studio?

My first name is Freek, prehistorical for "powerfull through peace". So much for that chapter.
As it is dutch I used to tell foreigners to say " Frake ". Later on, one of my first bandmembers said:" Frake is playing Keys, if he tells his real name people say "freak" so put those together and you get freaky. Very, very interesting indeed.

Yeah, right. But why Freaky Studio?

Well, because you have to be a freak to run a studio. Normal working attitude is aproductive in the process of creativity. A freak is a dedicated person who lives for his job. Who dreams of the next recording session. For whose music is as essential as breathing. Who wants to "do" this album for that band or singer and show them the way to digital heaven. This single theme that is playing in your head for decades is to be fit in that featured movie. 

The feeling you get of an atomic clock when effects are sounding at the moment they should. You have to be a bit mental to be excited by "that" sound here and the "fat" synthesizer over there. Sometimes you have to be as loose as twenty frogs in a basket and there are times (very, very often) you have to be as precise as a senior staff member of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA. 

You have to get excited when a blue note is born, when you see a completely worn out guitar but it is still sounding very good. Your excitement is sky high when the bass and bassdrum are sounding so tight, you do not need a jar of glue. You feel a thrill of desire when you see a graphic of a soundbyte that needs to be cleaned up from background noise and every millisecond is counting.You have to get excited when there is a software update of your favorite plug-in and you can read another manual. Your wife may not be when the bedside table is full of them. Manuals. Freaky!

About the founder

Musician since 1970  Six degrees in musical college  Member of Newmusicacademy Computer recording engineer since 1980 Synthesizer and sampling pioneer
Producer of one of the first Dutch digital live recordings ever made  Experienced studio and live artist  Fairlight CMI Beta tester  説明 Скачать  приложение CMIのアプリ概要
Fairlight Synergy and Da Vinci programmer
Senior member of Synthforum.nl a.k.a VL7
 Vintage synthesizer repairer
Writer of blogs for Bax-Shop.nl
Keeper of "obsolete" computer systems  such as Atari ST, Macintosh and Sinclair for compatibility reasons.