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October 2019 Blog Bax-Music

April 2019
Blog about Alan Parsons  


a sneak preview of...

Freaky Studio is co-writing, recording and producing 

the first album of Heisenberg's Turbulence

listen to a small rehearsal recording of three songs on Soundcloud


March 2019

Freaky Studio is beta-testing Roli Studio Player

Wow, Freaky Studio is now in the SSL studio directory, amongst the big boys ;)


New blog at Bax's website

December 2018

Freaky Studio is recording and producing the first album of “Goed Bezig!”
(Drums, synthesizers, keyboards, engineering, mixing and mastering. And getting all those musicians together to do their jobs ;) )

November 2018

for my new blog at the  Bax website about Apple, Windows en dedicated recording systems.


Freaky Studio is producing Rudy’s Riddles EP: Do you know?

September / ( r ) october 2018

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Moderator at Synthforum.nl

July 2018
Video promo Promotional video for a local politician

July 2018

Cooperation with Manely Batista

Me - filmproducer Manely - my wife Julia
Four small videoproductions and one cinematographic documentary are being worked on

May 2018 

Freaky Studio is recording live:

 On Que a.k.a Boogie Nights

August 2017
Freaky Studio has composed the soundtrack and sound effects for a short thriller titled:
"Fifteen minutes of Fame"

by Fayetography

( Electric guitars, synthesizers and  samples)


Breaking news:

Freaky Studio is going to record and produce the first cd of Herohands.

2017 Music for the game Explosion Puzzle from Jesse.net

( All kinds of synthesizers and special effects )

2016 Music for the game Hero's adventure from Jesse.net

( All kinds of synthesizers and special effects )

2014 Julia - Freaky studio, remix 2016 ( Piano, fretless bass and synthesizers )

2008 Unseen journey  - This day still  ( Acoustic guitar, cello, vocals and synthesizers )

2008 Walking an arc - This day still  ( Acoustic guitar, cello, vocals c- flute and synthesizers )

2006 Fly with live - This day still ( Metal / gothic : Electric guitars, bass, drums, vocals, synthesizers, holosounding horsophonics )