A humble list of goodies


Midas Venice F24 mixing desk

Tegeler Crème Eq / compressor

Lexicon Pcm-91 Reverb

Roland SdE-330 3d space delay

Tcelectronic Rv250 / 2290/ 1910

Klark Teknik 3rd Dimension BBD-320

Artley compressor

UAD quad


B&W 802 Nautilus

Nautilus center speaker

Klein & Hummel monitors

Kef RR-101 / RR-103 Reference  series

Quad subwoofer


Fairlight series III mfx2

Moog One

Korg Prophecy

Gem Prp-800 piano/ Rp-x

Hohner Cembalet

Roland D-20

Yamaha Dx-7 IID

Casio Xw-P1

M-Audio Ozonic masterkeyboard

Arturia plugins

Waldorf Largo / PPG wave plugins

Korg plugins

Roland Cloud


MacPro 6,1 128 gb 12 core

Logic X

Behringer X-one daw controller

UAD plugins

Lexicon Mpx plugin

Eventide Suite

Yamaha Vocaloid plugin

Lexicon Native collection 

Hornet plugins

Tcelectronic plugins

Vienna Sound Library

Waves plugins

Other instruments 

Maya Stratocaster 1972

Marumatsu EX C-flute

Guitar amplifiers

Rath amp vintage series 20
Hohner R-50

Vintage computers

Sinclair Zx-81
Atari 1040 Ste, Mega Ste and TT
Toshiba Msx with Yamaha Fm Keyboard 
Apple G4 PowerBook