Mixing desk SSL Nucleus

Main audio workstations Apple MacPro 12 core 5,1 and 6 core 6,1, Iiyama 40 inch 4K, MOTU M64 

Sub workstations Apple MacBook Pro, Mac Pro 8 core, Xserve 8 core 2x,Dedicated Media composer server Avid Adrenaline, Fostex D-80

Monitoring systems B&W Nautilus 802, Kef RR101, RR103, Quad Dolby 5.1subwoofer 

Software Arturia, Avid Media composer, Blackmagic DaVinci, Cypher2, Cakewalk, Eventide, Equator, Fairlight CMI, Final cut pro, Hornet, Korg legacy, Kurzweil Mangler, Lewitt, Logic Studio X, Mainstage, Moog, Proseries EQ, Protools, SPL, SSL Native, Strobe2, Tc Electronic, Vienna Ensemble pro7, Waldorf, Waves

Outboard Behringer 8200, Emagic Amt4, AMT8, Unitor8, Lexicon AlexMidiman Digipatch, SPL Goldmike, Kultube, Optimizer, SSL Alphalink Madi Ax, Duende, TC electronic Powercore Pcie,  Powercore X8, Uad-1
Synthesizers / midi - controllers Emu Proteus 2000  Vintage rom exp, Gem Promega3, Prp800, Korg  Prophecy, M-Audio Ozonic, Moog Minimoog 1973, Roland D-20, D-550, JX-8P, Roli seaboard rise 49, Studiologic VMK188plus, Waldorf Microwave 1, Yamaha EX-5, Motif rack AN exp. board, Tx-802.

Microphones AKG 120, Beyerdynamic  MCE86n, Røde Videomic, SM Audio Mic thing, T-bone SCT80 valve mic x2

Electric guitar / effects  Behringer (YES!) Cd-300 Space dimension, Space chorus 300, PH9 phaser, H&K Red box, Maya Stratocaster 1972

"Obsolete" computer systems  such as Atari ST, Macintosh, and Sinclair for compatibility reasons

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