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What listeners say about Freaky Studio's recordings

synthforum_2pngTo my contribution of the Dutch Synthforum Contest 2016 called " Julia " people wrote:

Louder than words....
 a hint of Floyd... you have my vote, nice indeed! 
This synth solo on the end of the track is beautiful.
Very, very nice. You can hear your devotion. 
A nice moment is the upcoming arrangement of the strings. Very good Minimoog solo. 
The art of omission. 
No excessive use of gear: 
the piano is leading and later on subtle strings to accompany the melody. 
Very well done!
...a relaxing pianotrack.
... very nice music...
...well found expression.
Highly appreciated, a musical story with heads and tales!
A nice gift... can hear the love you want to express.
The track gave me a sense of tranquility....
Well done!