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  • Freaky Studio

Main workstation
Apple MacPro 12 core
AVID Artist Mix + 2 x Control 
Iiyama 40 inch 4K video display
Synology dedicated RAID sound file server
Tripp Lite UPS network
Sub workstations
Alesis ADAT
Apple MacBook Air
, Xserve 8 core
Dell Poweredge dedicated Protools server
Sony DTC55 DAT recorder
Monitoring systems
B&W Nautilus 802, Kef RR101, RR103, 100 Quested Q8, Quad Dolby 5.1 subwoofer and rear
Arturia, Cakewalk, Eventide, Fairlight CMI, Korg,
Logic Studio X, Mainstage, Moog, Proseries EQ, Protools, SPL, Waldorf

Digidesign Protools rack
Emagic Amt4, AMT8, Unitor8
HK audio switching xlr patchpanel 3x
Midiman Digipatch
Opcode Studio 5, Studio 5LX
Sm Pro EP84 adat preamp
TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48
TC Electronic Powercore X8
Synthesizers / midi - controllers
Arturia Keylab 61, 88
Emu Proteus 2000  Vintage rom exp, Xboard 49
Gem Promega3
Korg M3m, 
Prophecy, Wavestation SR
Moog Minimoog 1973
Roland D-550, JD-XA
Waldorf Blofeld, Microwave 1 rev.B
Yamaha EX-5, Motif rack AN exp. board, 
AKG 120 
T-bone SCT800 2x
Electric guitars / effects / amps
Behringer  Cd-300 Space dimension, Space chorus 300, PH9 phaser
Davoli Tempest transistor amp
H&K Red box
Maya Stratocaster 1972
TC Electronics delay x4
Vox Night train NT15 tubes / valves amp  with 112nt cab. greenback speaker

"Obsolete" computer systems  such as Atari ST, Macintosh, PowerMacs and Sinclair for compatibility reasons
C - flute Gemeinhart M2